About Us

Malik Law Chambers Solicitors is a leading practice specialising in Immigration and Human Rights law. We are proud of our accomplishments and have an established name in this field. Our aim is to provide quality service at an affordable price. We act for a wide range of people and handle all types of applications.

Our Values

By clearly stating our values, we aim to reinforce what makes us successful, to discourage those things that hinder our progress, and to make a clear statement about our identity.

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Quality of Services

We are committed to rigorously ensure that we provide quality immigration and human rights law services to our clientele. Our survival depends on the ‘quality’ of services provided.

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Our Fees

Unlike many other law firms, Malik Law Chambers do not charge fee on hourly basis. Cases are dealt on fixed-fee basis, with no hidden costs at all. For a very reasonable fee..

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Our Team

Our team consists of qualified staff including Solicitors and Lawyers. Staff at Malik Law Chambers are IT literate and the majority of staff are bilingual.

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The Equality Act 2010 brought together nine separate pieces of legislation into one single Act. It greatly simplified the law and provided a framework to deal with discrimination...

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