Nationality Law

Malik Law Chambers has significant experience in handling cases in Nationality law. We have successfully acted for hundreds of clients in securing different types of nationality, for them. There are several types of nationality that a person can acquire (if they meet the conditions of relevant legal provisions governing this area of law). Majority of people who acquire settlement status in this country (via immigration law) go on to apply for British citizenship later. Becoming a British Citizen means you can do many things such as live and work in the UK without being subject to immigration restrictions. The two popular ways to become a British Citizen (via immigration) are through naturalisation (after receiving settlement status) or through Registration. We have also acted for a variety of clients to regularise their status where they mistakenly believed they were British Citizens, Nationality law can at times appear complex and there are different rules for people born in the UK on or after January 1983 and before that and also where you were born. Just because you are born in the UK doesn’t automatically make you a British Citizen. If you are hold other status such as are a British Overseas citizen, British protected person, British subject, British Overseas Territories citizen or a British protected person and are unsure of your nationality status please contact us for further advice and guidance.

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